Vinha Alta is an independent Madeira Island beverages producer. We want to bring you distinctive drinks made from locally grown products, supplied directly by friend farmers. We source from selected producers who share our vision for carefully crafted beverages.


This special release honours Shortridge Lawton, a Madeira wine company established in 1757.

We praise their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.


This Malvasia Madeira wine was produced from selected vines in the North of Madeira Island. It was then slowly aged in oak casks at H.M.Borges lodges. Finally we worked side-by-side with H.M.Borges and their winemaker – Ivo Couto – in selecting the best casks to assemble this Reserve.

The emptied Malvasia wine casks will now be used to mature Shortridge Lawton RUM.


This RUM was distilled from fermented fresh cane juice. The canes were specially selected from Madeiras’ best slopes. It was distilled in the copper column still of our friends at Engenhos do Norte. The clear cane juice flavours were kept to enhance the agricole marl in your cocktail.

This is a RUM carefully assembled by our master distiller. Enjoy this unique bottle of a limited edition.


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