Double Distilled Madeira Agricole Rum


BALANCAL Double Distilled is a distinctive agricole rum. It is also the very first Double Distilled Rum produced in the Island of Madeira. 

The sugarcane was manually harvested solely in Ponta do Sol, the main sugarcane production village of Madeira. Its fertile volcanic soil produces some of the best cane on the island. The cane is promptly transported to Engenhos do Norte where it’s swiftly crushed. 

The fresh, undiluted, juice is fermented in our custom made 1000 litre fermenters with a special yeast insulated from a Cabernet Sauvignon plot at DAOU vineyard in Paso Robles, California. 

This very strong yeast took five days to assure complete fermentation while bringing up peculiar flavors. The cane “wine” was immediately distilled in a Cognac (Charentais) pot still reserving only the hearts. This first distillate had a 42.4% ABV. 

After a period of rest, the spirit was redistilled, very slowly, in a CARL hybrid still of a mere 150 liters. In the second distillation, the pure sugarcane flavors were refined resulting in a clean and pure spirit. Undoubtedly a terroir agricole rum. 

Finally, we added pure mountain water, drop by drop, to reduce the alcohol content to 59.3% by volume, before bottling.


Clear but subtle fresh cane juice flavors with floral and tropical notes. Hot, but not burning, in the mouth, has an earthy and herbal long finish. 


Despite young it can be drunk straight, with ice and a lime zest. It is ideal for a Frozen passion-fruit daiquiri.

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