It’s almost Christmas and, on our way to our son’s school, there is a strong tangerine scent in the air. We wondered how that fresh citrus would turn out in our summer gin. We got to work, handpeeling and setting the skins to dry. In case you are wondering… No! We did not throw away the fruit: we crafted a challenging tangerine eau de vie.

We added four more botanicals to the tangerine peels and the juniper berries and spent many hours at our small copper still to proudly deliver this gin with the bold aroma of local tangerines.

It’s the perfect way to finish a day, start a holiday, or toast to the joys of life… Just add tonic and ice.

We are proud we gave these unwanted bananas a chance to show us their true spirit. Undoubtedly banana, though not glutting, with hints of other tropical fruit.

It combines with dedicated, innovative mixologists and with bold, adventurous spirits lovers.

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